Tuesday, November 2, 2010


If you have not seen Sunset Boulevard - do yourself a favour.

The thing that I love the most, is how the story runs almost parallel with the life story of Gloria Swanson's as she takes the starring role as Norma Desmond; an aging film star from the golden age of the silent screen. Her career ended with the advent of sound in movies and she has been forgotten in the world. Her heyday's are relived in her mind as she draws herself further away from the outside world and closer to a man she finds herself needing more and more.

Nominated for an Oscar, Swanson never saw her gold Oscar as went to 'All about Eve' with Bette Davis. This is one of Hollywoods greatest achievements in film making, story-telling, art direction - the lot. A stellar piece of cinematic history

Like I say - If you haven't seen it - get it.

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