Monday, November 1, 2010

Design addiction

I've found myself of late being inundated with imagery of brilliant design and thinking 'I'm becoming an addict'.

First up - Jaime Hayon

I was introduced to Jaime at The Design Indaba in Cape Town around 2005.
I've never really understood how people could ever be intimidated by design.
But after watching this skateboarding backpacking 'kid', who seemed to seamlessly
travel the world designing everything from furniture to Japanese toys, I was so blown away and awestruck that when he stood next to me at the bar afterwards - I had no idea what to say.
So - after ruining my chances of an autographed T-shirt, I started to understand how this intimidation game works.

The vase - made by bees - gives me hope that the future of our world will depend more and more on the design attitudes and brands that make environmental design trendy - and eventually - 
everyday and commonplace

But until then - I think this is a brilliant piece

'China Beach' bench - Ai Weiwei

I find my inspiration to come not so much from within my industry, but more-so within the many 'sister'
industries that the design culture is all a part of.

This 'Copper Age' table by Nucleo is a definite winner.

'Puzzle Table' by The Simonnetes

I love environmental art - but the simplicity of this made me 'shiver me timbers'
- and then - like a deranged schizophrenic, I came over this and fell in love all over again.

Mercury Barstool by Philip Watts Design

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