Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MOVIE TIME - Female trouble

This 1974 cult movie by infamous film director John Waters follows the life and times of mean teen Dawn Davenport (Divine), who turns to a life of crime when her parents fail to give her the cha-cha heels she wants for Christmas. With her illegitimate daughter (Mink Stole) and delinquent girlfriends beside her, she becomes a bizarre canvas for the fascist Lipstick Beauty Salon owners Donald and Donna Dasher.

Nice girls don't wear Cha Cha heels

I hope I get arrested!

"I've DONE everything a mother can do: I've locked her in her room, I've beat her with the car aerial. 
Nothing changes her. It's HARD being a loving mother!"

"Anyone particularly appalling?"
"Well, yes, there is a Dawn Davenport. She seems especially cheap. You may like her."

"Our experiment involved beauty and crime, we feel them to be one."

"Why don't you take your f&$%ing toolkit and go f&%£ a garage"

"If I catch you spying and nosing around one more time, I'm going
to put you in the mental hospital."

"How many times have I told you to play car accident outside?!"

"We have a theory that crime enhances ones beauty."

"The worse the crime, the more ravishing one becomes."

"...my daughters retarded. A child psychologist told me to beat her unmercifully."

"I'm scared rats are gonna come out and bite my new nylons."

"Just think of it: house robbing, new gowns, murder, scars, fingerprints, lashes!"

"And remember my offer still stands. If you get tired of being a Hare Krishna, 
you come live with me and be a lesbian! 

"I called the heroin hot line on Abby Hoffman!"

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